Our Solutions


You know you want to improve sales performance but where to start? BIG will help you diagnose, prioritise, scope and solve. This process is always bespoke and could involve any or all of the following:

  • Audit
  • Observation
  • Report writing
  • Health check
  • Callibration
  • Recommendations
  • Interviews
  • Project group
  • Implementation

Our 4S Methodology

By aligning your people to a clear strategy, structuring your resources and building a customised selling system, we then arm your people with the skills, tools and agility to sell high value solutions in a fast changing world. We help you drive sales improvement through our 4S model of Sales Effectiveness.






Strategy is about choices: Where we choose to play and how we will win

Our work in sales strategy is less about strategy selection but more about creating alignment to that strategy. Your team need a clear picture of the way forward, to understand why those choices have been made and how to make their individual decisions to align to that game plan in performing their sales role.

How we help your sales strategy:

  • Distillation down to the key imperatives for focus
  • Story telling to communicate the WHY
  • Creating visual icons that aid recall and communication
  • Cascading the strategic plan down through the organisation


Structure is putting the right people, in the right places, to do the right things, to get the right results from the execution of your sales strategy.

Our value is to challenge your existing structure in terms of optimal resource allocation:

  • Role clarity
  • Customer centricity
  • Functional collaboration
  • Span of control


Systems provide efficiency and effectiveness in generating outcomes from the sales effort. It is often about creating your unique sales language, your key processes and defines “how we do it here”.

Our work in selling systems involves design of…

  • Modelling how the customer wishes to buy
  • Linking to CRM and information systems
  • Forging a common sales language
  • Tying it to your organisational culture
  • Crafting your sales process to mirror the customer journey
  • Defining what “good performance” and what “great performance” looks like
  • Integrating coaching and measurement to accelerate sales capability


Skills training on its own, rarely delivers long term sustainable improvement in capability, let alone sales uplift. We know. We often help clients who have made this expensive mistake. Our work in Selling Skills programs involves:

  • High energy, quality facilitation
  • Alignment to sales strategy
  • Local, National and even Global co-ordination of training programs
  • Mapping of development pathways
  • Post workshop reinforcement initiatives
  • Launching your selling system
  • Measurable improvements in capability
  • Tailored program design

Are your sales people

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Case Studies

With the golf industry suffering from low growth globally and disruption from the internet, Callaway has continued to grow and thrive by implementing strong selling disciplines that are customer centric. They have also realised that sustainable improvement in sales capability comes from an ongoing commitment to developing their people long after the initial launch.

Campari now has a world class sales development program that is available around the world, with a development pathway for each sales role and a very engaged salesforce who are continuing to grow sales 7.5%. BIG and our European associate offices are responsible globally for ongoing deployment and development of all sales training throughout the Campari world.

Taylors have entrusted the development of their sales force to BIG for 17 continuous years where they know they can pull on a flexible resource, who knows their business and importantly is part of their family.

Now in to our eighth continuous year working with Dulux, BIG have become their first choice designer and deliverer of sales training to drive ongoing sales capability development across the group in Australia and New Zealand.

Five years later we are still involved in content evolution, supporting reinforcement, on boarding new arrivals and spreading the News Corp selling way to allied functional teams.

Besides positively impacting on new business and repeat business for the divisions who deployed the program, the technically strong consultants are now far more confident in being able to initiate and conclude new business discussions with their clients, further deepening the client relationship for the betterment of both parties.