Client Resources

We welcome our clients and visitors to use more of our thinking in their business application. Below you will find a range of tools, whitepapers and resources to download and share in your organisation. If there is something you are looking for that is not below, drop us an email and we would be delighted to find something appropriate for your needs.


Why not undertake your own initial benchmarking by downloading our free assessments to see where your strengths and opportunities lie across a range of sales effectiveness dimensions.



Are you looking for personal insights or wanting to get ahead in your role. Feel free to use these tools to uncover your current competence on a range of salesperson dimensions.


White Papers

We write on a range of topics to do with sales effectiveness to prompt thinking, share our view and encourage conversations. We look forward to being part of the conversation with you.


Helpful Links

There are a number of resources we visit often to keep up with the latest thinking. We encourage you to check back here often for new resources we find in our travels.


Ice Breakers

Many clients enjoy our training so much they often wish to apply some of the exercises and ideas back with their team.

Below you will find a number of Ice Breakers and Trainers Games you can use with your team.