Company Profile

News Corp Australia is the local media unit of the worlds 10th largest media company. It is involved in major newspaper and magazine publication, internet, film, and subscription TV.

Challenge Faced

News Corp was undergoing significant restructuring to deal with the digital disruption in media and recognised their people development program lagged other global players in the marketplace. They specifically wanted to emulate the sophisticated practices of the worlds leading FMCG players.

BIG Solution

Consulting closely with a cross functional Project Management Team, we set out to design an integrated selling system that would align each sales function to a common sales language. We prepared a suite of customised development programs for sales managers, account managers and the front line in both the distribution and retail sales teams.

Outcome Delivered

Five years later we are still involved in content evolution, supporting reinforcement, on boarding new arrivals and spreading the News Corp selling way to allied functional teams.

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