Company Profile

Campari Group is a €1.7b global player in the Spirits market. Based in Milan Italy they distribute their premium and super premium spirits brands such as Aperol, Skyy, Campari & Wild Turkey to 190 countries around the globe.

Challenge Faced

Campari were looking to unite their sales development programs around the world in to a best in class Sales Academy to lead the spirits market. At the time, there was no specific Campari way to sell.

BIG Solution

Following a successful launch of the Campari Way of Selling in Australia, we were invited to pitch for the Global Commercial Academy. We advised Gruppo Campari of how to set up the academy in terms of strategy, content development and distribution, then led the roll out around the globe to more than 16 foreign markets in the first 12 months.

Outcome Delivered

Campari now has a world class sales development program that is available around the world, with a development pathway for each sales role and a very engaged salesforce who are continuing to grow sales 7.5%. BIG and our European associate offices are responsible globally for ongoing deployment and development of all sales training throughout the Campari world.

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