Senior Executive Solutions

You are responsible for the sales function and improving sales effectiveness. But where do you start?You need a qualified partner who can assist you to identify, scope, design and deliver solutions that deliver critical business results.If this sounds like you, we can help.

Sales Effectiveness Assessments

BIG have available a range of consultant led, online or self assessment tools to identify your current salesforce effectiveness strengths and weaknesses. These tools can be customised to assess any dimension of your sales function to benchmark current fitness while highlighting improvement priorities.

With the outcomes we can work with your executive team to design a tailored solution.

We typically start by looking
at organisation wide fitness

Sales Strategy – does it exist, is it aligned, is it understood and how is it being executed?
Sales Structure – are your people and supporting resources appropriately allocated?
Systems – how well are people and processes supported to perform?

Personal Fitness by job function

Skills – what should your people be able to do and how well are they doing it?
Knowledge – what should they know and what do they know today?
Behaviours – what behaviours should they demonstrate and how well are they displaying those traits today?

Sales Strategy Distillation

To get the army to march in step, a common game plan is essential. We have a process for creating, challenging and refining your sales strategy that allows your leaders to then communicate that plan to your troops.

Sales Structure Advice

Allocating resources, defining job parameters and constructing meaningful key performance indicators is just another BIG solution we can offer sales executives.

Leadership Programs and Culture

With our partner company Human Capital International we can offer your current and future leaders the pathway to improved leadership capability and outcomes. Leadership solutions are at three levels:

Leadership of Self
Leadership of Others
Leadership of Organisations

Contact us now to discuss our effective leadership solutions.