Sales Training Solutions

Developing front line sales people needs to be a process of “mental mouthfuls” delivered over time rather than one single training event. At BIG, we differentiate our training materials by customising to your business, your channel, your language and then packaging all these components into an integrated development process.We offer a lot more than just training modules or workshops with options for facilitated Focus Groups, Case Studies, Simulations, Sales Campaign construction and Skill Pills to be weaved into your solution.The common feedback we receive is that it is as if we have been a long time employee of our client’s organisation. This genuine integrity in content and quality multi-modal delivery means your people have greater retention, deeper learning experiences and faster skill acquisition. They also find learning fun which drives engagement!

Foundation Selling Skills

How to build genuine rapport
Uncovering customer’s needs via quality questioning
Active listening skills
Crafting compelling solutions around customer benefits
Overcoming objections elegantly
Gaining the customers commitment to proceed
Leveraging Sales Force Automation technology

Intermediate Selling Skills

Efficient Territory Management
Strategic Sales Planning
Financial and Commercial Acumen
Time Management & Personal Productivity
Planning and Executing Professional Negotiation
Persuasive Presentation Skills

Advanced Selling Skills

Enterprise Selling
Solution Selling
Value Based Selling
Strategic tendering
Strategic Partnering

Customer Service Skills

Internal v External Service
Professional Telephone Skills
Customer Service Standards
Dealing with Difficult Customers
Understanding Personalities
Selling Skills for Service Team Members

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