Sales Management Solutions

Sales Managers need to understand their role as a facilitator of driving results through their team. To be successful they require the skills, knowledge and behaviours to create the environment for their team to learn and perform.

Communication Skills

Modern approaches to transferring information:
Sharing the vision
Engaging hearts and minds
Adopting a coaching rather than a telling style

Management Skills

Creating the necessary order from the sea of complexity:
Sales Planning – Turning vision into action
Recruitment and selection procedures and processes
Performance Management Systems and feedback tools
Selling systems and sequences
Performance dashboards to track results

Leadership Skills

Setting direction and showing the way:
Engaging hearts and minds
High Performance Coaching
Driving Motivation
Developing Teams
Delivering and reinforcing training
Modelling a winning culture

BIG has a range of sales manager development solutions that draw from the above competencies in one, two or three day programs, together with the provision of tools and reinforcement practices.

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