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The Coaching Imperative

If you are serious about getting the best results from your investment in learning and development, then appropriate focus should be given to integrating coaching and measurement in to the development solution.

At BIG, we subscribe to the Power Learning Triangle model: Training + Coaching + Measurement

Training should be a series of instalments delivered over time. Think of the delivery of training as “mental mouthfuls” that can be easily digested with a fast bridge to implementation.

Coaching then plays a part by reinforcing learning on the job. Typically the line manager who has been trained in the specific skills of coaching and question driven feedback is the designated coach. The benchmark for quality coaching is one session per individual per month where the focus is on “catching people out doing things well”, in addition to having a discussion on improvements for next time.

Measurement completes the triad, where the emphasis is on being specific and objective with feedback. This usually entails crafting a set of particular competencies for each role that provides the reference point for feedback. A scaled scoring system allows the individual to know where they are performing versus expectation and to track improvements over time.

BIG have developed a range of coaching and feedback tools to help with ensuring training lives on long after the workshop to deliver sustainable improvement in your team.

The Work With Day Optimiser from BIG

As a sign of how serious we are in helping our clients to provide quality coaching and measurement, BIG has developed the Work With Day Optimiser Tool. The WWD Optimiser tool is a web based software platform that can store, track and manage coaching sessions across a sales team and produce accurate timely reports. It even sends an email automatically to the salesperson at the end of each coaching day.

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The benefits of the WWD Optimiser are many:

Senior Executives can see a rolled up measure of capability of the entire sales force to know that overall the sales team is improving and training is delivering measurable results.

National Sales Managers get visibility of coaching activity being planned and executed by Line Managers plus the ability to run pre-formatted reports or export to Excel for additional analysis by team, channel, state or capability set.

Line Managers are able to track individual sales people’s strengths and weaknesses, to assess team and individual training gaps and to compare their team’s relative performance to others against agreed benchmarks.

Individual Salespeople receive regular objective feedback on how they are progressing versus expectation. They therefore enter their annual review with absolutely no surprises having received multiple assessments and feedback throughout the year.

By being on line, secure access is available from any internet connected device and the data is real time. With so much visibility of coaching activity and outputs, the optimal behaviors become commonplace and capability improves.

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